Universal Design For Learning ( Udl ) And Learners With Severe Support Needs

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summary In the article “Universal Design for learning (UDL) and learners with Severe Support Needs”. Hartmann writes a story from her experience about student his name is Marcus has disabilities. The regular curriculum failed to get him a better education, and then his teachers decided to replace him in a school had curricula focused in disabilities or severe disabilities. Unfortunately, those schools for students “non-verbal” and Marcus had an ability to speak; his mother had frustrated and embarrassment for son future because the education curriculum did not design around students to get more benefit from learning. Also, she writes the students come from different background, culture and heredity; consequently, those factors influence in their learning even two brothers do not learn the same way. Moreover, most of the learning curriculum have designed for normal students, and they have supposed every student should receive the learning in the same way, but this is unjust for students have dissimilar abilities. The UDL has shown the problems are not in the students, but in the atmosphere around them and curriculum because there is not enough flexibility; it needs to fix it. Then, Hartmann describes the beneficial of UDL has changed the learning process to engage all the student’s abilities in the classrooms. Additionally, UDL has played a role in flexibility to involve all student with different abilities, and It also has helped teachers to become more think how to support

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