Universal Fan Fiction: A Narrative Fiction

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Ring! Ring! Ring! I woke up startled. " Who is calling me at 5:30 in the morning," I mumbled . Ring! Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Walt...huh? At 7:30 tomorrow morning, okay sir. Thank you very much!" I turned and began to shake Lillian. "Lillian!" I exclaimed, " Universal Studio wants to talk to me about Oswald." Lillian looked at me confused. "What about Oswald?" Lillian said as she got up from the bed rubbing her eyes. "Universal Studios want to make a deal with me. They think Oswald is a big hit. They want to work with me!" I explained. "Aren't you fine with Disney Brothers Studio?" she looked at me with concern. " Honey this is the big leagues now. Don't you want the best for me?" I asked.ll She took a deep breath. I knew I was about to be lectured, but she…show more content…
I told you this plan was to shady, and did you listen nope," she ranted. I hated when Lillian cuts me off without me finishing. "Are you finished?" I muttered. " Are you done interrupting me," she continued. She said many curse words at me, that I couldn't recall. " Honey are you finished," I repeated. She turned at me and looked at me with a grim expression but she was silent. " Ok, all though I gave Oswald's rights to Universal Studios, Ub and I came up with a better solution. We made a different character name Mortimer instead of a bunny he is a mouse!" She seemed to smile I little " Can you change the name to Mickey it sounds more appropriate," she insisted. " I agree with her Mickey does sound more appropriate," Ub added. " Mickey it is!" I praised. " Now are we going to go out and eat?" Ub groaned. Lillian face turned serious again. " I thought you weren't hungry, I knew you never liked my cooking." " What, pssh, I love your cooking honey. Your the best chef a husband could have!" I
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