Universal Health Care And Healthcare

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Imagine what your life would be like if you were one of millions of Americans without medical coverage. Universal health care is a system that will provide for all of citizens for health care and financial protection. Over millions of Americans are currently without health care coverage for themselves and also their families. Universal health care refers to any system of health care managed by the governments. This universal health care is a system that may cover different programs such as government run hospital, health organizations, and programs targeted that provides health care. Many developed countries such as Canada and United Kingdom have embraced universal health care with United States being the only exception that has not embraced universal health care to its citizens. One of the reasons is that universal health care will ensured that all Americans citizens to have the right to health care and will decrease health care costs by allowing people to receive regular and prevent medical care. And not have to wait until they are chronically ill to seek treatment when medical costs is way much higher. Another reason is health care should be a right because it will promote equal opportunity by decreasing the number of people who are economically disadvantaged in society due to bad health and medically-related financial trouble. And they won’t have to worry about when they get sick and have to pay. So I really think is a good idea that the government should provide health
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