Universal Health Care : Universal Healthcare

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Universal Healthcare in the USA The campaign for some form of universal health care has spanned practically a century in the USA and has been the subject of political debate since the early part of the 20th century. Recent reforms remain an active and urgent political issue. Universal Health Care has been one of the leading public issues in America and in recent times this issue has risen to the fore, because of its increasing prevalence in the government, market, and civil sectors. In this essay, I will be looking at why this issue can and does affect everyone, no matter which sectors we look at. I will be taking an in-depth look at the many reasons why this public issue is worth caring about and why it is such a hotly contested subject in today’s politics, jobs, and even our homes. This is an incredibly important issue that should concern us all, but before we can start working on how to make this public issue better, we must first understand why it is a public issue. To begin, let us start by breaking down each section of the public issue triangle, we will do this by being with one of the most well-known and influential sectors, that is the American Government. Who should get health care? How should we pay for it? Do we have a responsibility to ensure all our citizens get the same level, health care, regardless of their station in life? These are all questions that
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