Universal Health Services, Inc.

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Universal Health Services, Inc. (“UHS”) is a 36 year old for-profit publically held healthcare management company. UHS’s acute division (26 acute care hospitals, 100’s of physician practices and over 400 employed physicians) achieved its success by always adhering to an effective operating philosophy: Build or acquire high quality hospitals in rapidly growing markets, then invest in the people and equipment needed to allow each facility to thrive and become a dominant healthcare provider in its community.[1]
UHS’s major competitors are other for-profit healthcare management companies like, Community Health Systems, Hospital Corporation of America and Tenet Healthcare, to name a few.
Healthcare is a tough industry to differentiate oneself, especially with analytics. The healthcare industry is renowned for lagging behind in its adoption of technology compared to other industries. Not the therapeutic or diagnostic technologies like sophisticated surgical or high-end medical imaging equipment, but rather the technologies that capture and digitize accurate, valid, reliable and measurable data at the point of care necessary to accelerate transformation and the advancement of healthcare through analytics. Margalit Gur-Arie, Founder of BizMed (2013) sums it up with this comment “computers have eased and simplified the capture, analysis and sharing of financial information, supply chain information, manufacturing information, transportation information, and every…
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