Universal Healthcare Act: A Case Study

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Why the United States Can’t Pass a Free Healthcare Act
Over the past century, individual health-care costs in the United States of America have tripled. Just in 2014, the annual health-care spending hit $3.8 trillion. (Munro) Not only does the overall cost of healthcare keep rising, but also the number of uninsured citizens is staying stagnant. Even with the recent controversies over Obama care, American citizens are not gaining the advantages that they need in obtaining basic health-care. The cost will only further increase, unless some action is taken. As much as implementing a universal health care system would seem to benefit the United States, it is fiscally impossible to do it with the current state of our economy. (Gibberman) The opportunity
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People need medications such as Xanax and Zyrtec and there is only so much of it Pharmacutical companies and drug distributors are a big business in the United States and changing the rules that go along with them would cause the companies to fall into a economic hole and it would take tons of governmental aid to help keep the companies in the business. In the United States, there are multiple drug distributors, and to implement a universal health-care system, those distributors would be compelled to stop and the government would give the companies a monopoly to only sell to them. There are two perspectives to it. In a way, this would be a positive effect because prespriction drugs in America cost up to fifty percent more than in countries with a universal health-care already implemented. (Health Inc.) However, with the demand becoming so high, medication would ultimately peak again and equilibrium would be in the normal range after a while. What this ultimately means is that a mother who needs some type of medicine for her sick son would have to pay up to five times the amount she was paying before or if the universal health-care system was formed to cover medicine as well, then she would have to wait for a up to nine months to receive the medication. When demand is high, consumers compete and the availibility of the item unforunately plummets. The beginning of changing health-care would disrupt the demand and supply curves, but after a couple months, they would shift back to normal. However, there is no telling how long it would take to heal the demand and supply curve and there is also no telling how long a mother would have to wait to give her sick son
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