Universal Healthcare And The United States

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Jaicie Mosbey
Instructor: Sarah Farrell
Persuasive Essay
February 8, 2015
Universal Healthcare in the United States
Disputing that the current Healthcare System (Obamacare) in the United States needs reform is not difficult. Although the current system is a step up from the previous system, lobbying and reform to get a Universal Healthcare bill passed resulted in the original legislation being rewritten to an almost unrecognizable level. However, true Universal Healthcare creates a system that is more affordable by eliminating fluctuating copays and premiums, Universal Healthcare increases accessibility for everyone by eliminating exclusions to care, and finally it takes healthcare out of the hands of multibillion dollar companies and puts
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Universal Healthcare will increase accessibility, by eliminating the ability of major insurance companies to discriminate, based on pre-existing conditions and other exclusions to care. A key debated issue with Universal Healthcare is whether healthcare is a basic right under life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, or a privilege. Universal Healthcare is built on the idea of healthcare being a basic human right. As a basic right, all citizens regardless of pre-existing conditions or disabilities would have the right to necessary healthcare. According to Jerry Levinson,
“A person with a PEC [pre-existing condition] could cost a health insurer millions of dollars. It therefore behooves health insurance companies that are. Of course, for-profit businesses - to apply a PEC exclusion to the person and, depending on the severity of their medical problem, limit their plan coverage, or exclude coverage altogether.”
(J. Levinson, 2009).
Universal Healthcare eliminates the need for pre-existing condition clauses, as healthcare would no longer be a for-profit enterprise.
It can be argued that establishing Universal Healthcare would be a drain of government resources and would necessitate subsidization by taxes. A Universal Healthcare system provided for all citizens would create an extra tax on
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