Universal Healthcare

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Universal Health Coverage: A Possibility for the United States
Brittannie DePew
Eng 122
David Moskowitz

Medical costs are getting too expensive. Ever fought with your insurance providers because they refused to pay for care, or struggle to find an “in-network” provider? I know a woman whose name I will change for her privacy and the struggles she is going through are a perfect example of an issue many people face when dealing with insurance; Nancy’s (name changed for privacy) story is a perfect example of how our healthcare system is no longer working for the people. Nancy is this woman whose husband recently passed away. Nancy used to work for county and county workers cannot receive social security; and Nancy is too
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The administration of the United States is incompetent and is growing more useless, this is stated when a compare and contrast between the United States, who does not have universal healthcare, and Canada, who does have universal health care. Canada’s healthcare is not too far from the United States but it does vary with certain things. One of these key things is cost, and administration. (Woolhandler, Himmelstein. 1991) The cost of health care within the United States has enlarged, Canada’s spending has waned. Canada funds the hospitals and doctors with one payer (one lump sum) while The United States hospitals bills several different insurances (per-patient policy) who vary with policies, qualifications, and certification. Doing this causes a complex accounting scheme for acquiring payment and further charging insurance and patients. Another reason the administration of healthcare in the United States is incompetent is due to private insurance, because, the owner profits a percentage of premiums that is much larger that the federal government.
The United States could implement a universal healthcare program; however, it has yet to be put into effect. The last time it was attempted it was turned down despite the efforts by the Clinton administration. The Clinton
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