Universal Healthcare in the United States

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Universal Healthcare in the United States Larrissa McBride HCS 235 Monday January 23, 2012 Margaret Meador Universal Healthcare in the United States Healthcare is on the minds of every American in today’s society. Everyone worries about what they will do to afford healthcare and even if they will receive healthcare. America has some of the greatest technological advances and in trained professionals. However, American only ranks 20th in life expectancy and we rank almost the lowest in healthcare availability to its citizens. This causes me to believe that American needs to adopt some type of universal healthcare reform. According to the department of Health and Human Services the United States is one of the only industrialized…show more content…
“They are the people who work in the service industry, attend to our daily needs, work in our homes, take care of our children, send their children to school with our children, and mingle on a daily basis with the rest of the population.”(Marleise Rashford: A Universal healthcare System) These people are a important part of our everyday lives and our country. We need to be able to insure their health so that they can continue to contribute to our society. A universal healthcare system would insure that these citizens are cared for and wanted in today’s America. Due to the healthcare crisis in today’s economy and the rising prices of healthcare and prescriptions this has left many especially the uninsured without any way to afford health care. This has caused a significant increase of the use of emergency room visits. Patients are using the ER as a way to receive primary and basic care that would regularly be done at a PPO. Since currently in America you cannot be turned away from the ER this enables an individual to be seen for something like a basic UTI or fever. With universal health care available our ER’s would be left open for what they were intended for: Emergencies. Also patients would be able to go to their doctor of choice and receive care on a regular basis. The little things in our daily health wouldn’t be turned into big problems that we must deal with. I believe that universal healthcare in the United States will provide better access to our
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