Universal Jurisdiction And The Difficulties

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Universal Jurisdiction SYSTEM ID: 2015016163 Abstract This article analyzes and evaluates the principle of universal jurisdiction and the difficulties in its implementation. There is still a number of obstacles legal and non legal to proper and better implementation even if this principle is well known. About the principles of universal jurisdiction can something original or new be discovered or asserted? Universal jurisdiction is one of the talked topics in today’s world. Concept of universal criminal jurisdiction is very complex. When we talk about universal jurisdiction sovereignty also comes to raise its voice. When dealing with the subject of universal jurisdiction there is a starting point that cannot be ignored. In practice there are still various international crimes that go unpunished despite the international obligation to prosecute those who committed them, though principle of universal jurisdiction is extensively discussed. Constraints of real politics or diplomacy clashed with the concept of universal jurisdiction. Political reasons have prevailed over legal reasoning in a number of cases. This article also examines the meaning and implementation of universal jurisdiction. For no sanction mechanisms have been created to induce them, without their consent, to abide by their obligations, until now only the goodwill of states could be relied on to guarantee their implementation in good faith. Before ending with some possible remedies to minimize potential

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