Universal Language In Emergency Management

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When a crisis occurs a team of emergency personnel must collaborate to proved the best response and recovery tactics available. Similar to any other line of work, the collaboration of multiple entities can prove effective only with proper planning and coordination. If prior planning is not implemented, the response actions may less than efficient which in the field of emergency management can mean the difference between life and death for first responders and victims on the scene. Coordinating a response to a disaster is a task that takes a lot of effort and planning due to the collaborative nature between different response teams. When a disaster occurs multiple levels of jurisdiction are involved along with private sectors and volunteer…show more content…
Imagine during a disaster if all response teams had a different set of codes and labels for different aspects of the response. There would be mass confusion resulting in a major lack of efficiency. The department of homeland security outlines this by saying “the NIMS represents a core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes to enable effective, efficient, and collaborative incident management at all levels” (DHS, 2004). By setting a universal language it allows agencies to more effectively work together without confusion or complications. The use of proper language is so vital that there is an online ICS glossary available to agencies through the Federal Emergency Management Association that goes over all relevant and necessary terms that are used during an emergency response. This glossary can help avoid pitfalls and confusion that can cost time, money, and lives (FEMA,…show more content…
Though certain disasters will inherently have different complications, such as a natural disaster compared to an act of terror using a chemical weapon, the primary structure of the response in universal. This allows for an excellent response time if coordinated efficiently and will allow emergency personnel more time to assess the situation and react accordingly. It is important to emphasize the important aspects of NIMS and ICS to both public and private sector agencies and encourage study and practice. This will ultimately result in a faster and more efficient interrelated network of emergency responders that will help keep citizens safe and resilient in the face of a

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