Universal Needs Of Infants And Toddlers

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Three universal needs of infants and toddlers Infancy is an important stage of life. At this stage, babies and toddlers will have universal developments or needs which can connect physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional domain of development. I would like to discuss three universal needs, which are important for the infant / toddler learning and development foundations. There are exploring the world, learning from observation, Infancy is one of the periods which has most exploring spirit in a person 's life. The infant collects every fragment which he touches and assembles them into the big world in his heart during this time. He is an explorer, a data collector, and an active participant. Exploring the world is important to physical development. When the baby is almost 1-year-old, most of them like to take something to knock. This is because he wants to understand a variety of objects, to understand the interrelationship between objects and objects, and to understand his actions can produce which results. His way is by tapping different objects. Children also know that knock different objects will produce different sounds, and different intensity can produce different sound effects. When the baby learns to choose the object to knock and control the power of the knock, his own coordination of the action will improve. For example, at the beginning of documentary Babies, Ponijao from Namibia was beating stones, which was one of his ways to explore the world, while
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