Universal Orlando Research Paper

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Universal's Volcano Bay water "theme" park will be the resort's most ambitious project since the 90s. Not only will it expand the resort but it will also be the resort's first water park built from the ground up. The water "theme" park, as Universal likes to call it, will redefine what a water park is. Its tropical theme and massive erupting volcano create a truly unique and original theme. In Universal Orlando's announcement, they released few details about the park, however, their concept art gives a visual representation of what the park will look like when completed. What you may not realize about the concept art is how much detail was put into it. If you look closely, you can actually make out what will inhabit the water "theme" park.…show more content…
Once at the top platform for the slide, you'll definitely get an amazing view of Universal Orlando and surrounding areas. Aside from the water slide's platform, the water slide itself will also have breathtaking views. The slide has clear tubing so that you can intake the magnificent view of the volcano's waterfall. Now the only thing that questions us is whether you will be forced to climb stairs to reach the volcano's peak or if the volcano will allow you to use a themed elevator.

3. A magnificent wave pool

Universal's Volcano Bay water "theme" park (like all water parks) will feature a wave pool. However, what makes Volcano Bay's wave pool different is that it may use the volcano's waterfall to create wave effects... wave effects that may continuously occur.

4. A serene lazy river

You can't have a water park without a lazy river! Volcano Bay's lazy river will be located next to the wave pool and massive water slide. The lazy river seems to be very peaceful despite it being right in the center of the action.

5. Additional water slides

The water slide beginning near the peak of the park's volcano isn't the only water slide. The water park also features four additional water slides visible in the concept art. Two of the slides appear to wrap around the volcano while the other two slides seem to feature less intense
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