Universal and Human Origins Essay examples

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ENGL 212. September 21, 2012 Universal and Human Origins According to several essays in the Longman Anthology of World Literature, there are differing views as to how humans originated. One essay stated that the heavens and the earth were first created. Then the creatures that fly, next were the creatures that live on the earth and those in the waters were then created. Then God said, “let us make a human in our image and likeness to hold sway over the fish and the fowl of the heavens and the cattle and the wild beast and all crawling things upon the earth.” He created a male and female and then he blessed them. He then said to them, “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. So the first couple was told to have children and…show more content…
They are forced to move away and stop building the tower because God confuses the one language they were speaking and now they are speaking different languages. Each group moves away with his language group and down to this day people are speaking different languages, not just one (Gen. chap. 11). Marduk has defeated the other gods and he is now the sovereign. After listening to a speech of the other gods he is motivated to perform miracles. He tells Ea that he is thinking of performing a miracle. He tells him that he is going to put together blood and bones to make primeval man. His name shall be called Man. They decide to gather all the gods together and the one that was responsible for starting the last war would be destroyed. His blood would be used to make man. Quingu was found to be the god who started the war and he was then killed and his blood used to create man. (Enuman Elish: The Babylonia Creation Epic. [Creation of Humanity] page 52. The creator is referred to as “that One” in the Hymns from the Rig Veda essay. Nothing existed until that One came into being who was generated by the power of heat. But there seems to be a mystery as far as where that One came from. Is it possible for something to come out of nothing? This seems to be speculation as to where the origin of life began. But from that one sprung the rest of humanity. (Hyms From The Rig Veda – In the Beginning, pg
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