Universities Should Require Abroad Programs For Any Majors

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Mrs. Frigge (Troy University) stated that institutions should require abroad programs for certain majors. “If we are going to offer a Global Business degree, then how is that global when students aren’t leaving the states?” She later followed up with the idea that any major should go abroad. She stated that some universities has even required that student do go a aboard sometime in their college career. That they come in as a freshman and they will pay as part of their tuition each year to pay for the abroad experience. Doing this will help with that accessibility/ affordability piece that most students worry about. “Why not get a head start as a freshman and pay for it before it is time to leave for the abroad program.” Loveland (2006) in the same interview earlier with President Sanford Ungar of Goucher College mentioned that they are an institution that requires all undergraduate students to study abroad at least once before they graduate. President Ungar suggested that many students have implied that when they go abroad, their experiences abroad had a direct relationship to the things that they do back here in the United States. Loveland (2006) also mentioned in her interview that President Ungar had a run in with a student on campus one day and in that conversation with a student about going abroad that what she learned overseas was helpful to the work and community engagement. The student suggested that the local-international link is a very important part of the
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