University Admissions Essay: What I Love About New York University

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What I love about New York is that it’s a city full of a rich history from hosting the first Continental Congress, headquartering the United Nations, and the millions of immigrants that travelled through Ellis Island. Proving it’s a place where anyone from anywhere can come together making New York a united global hub. My late father always told me that New York is for dreamers. No matter how big or small anything can happen here. A true New Yorker, Jay-Z, once notoriously said, “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do.” What interests me the most about New York University is that it represents everything I love about New York City. The university educates students to make a mark on the world and write their own history. It’s a global university with a diverse community of students and faculty from across the world. NYU has a…show more content…
Walking up the steps from West 4th Street station I instantly fell in love. Walking through the park, visiting Palladium Hall and Elmer Holmes Bobst Library were only pieces of what NYU has to offer. I believe that NYU can help me accomplish my dreams of receiving an astonishing education and allowing myself to make my own career path in today’s modern world. The College of Arts and Sciences strives to give students a dynamic education, preparing them for the many challenges of the world. I wish to study economics alongside many brilliant and international professors. I know that these brilliant minds with dedication to their work such as Professors Abreu and Benhabib will inspire me to accomplish great
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