University Dogs

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MU Communication Fanatics is a strategic communications consulting firm constructed by Millikin University students and recent graduates. Our goal is to help our clients devise, reconstruct, and achieve their organizational goals through branding, strategic planning, and effective communication. At MU Communication Fanatics we focus mainly on leadership, conflict, decision making, technology, and apply other approaches to organizational communication such as the classical approach, the human relations and human resources approach. As a consulting firm our goal is to drive results by immersing ourselves in the organization’s environment, culture and purpose. By doing this, we filter this information through our experience and expertise, and…show more content…
The managers do an amazing job of letting their employees voice their opinions, while at the same time establishing the chain of command and making sure that it continues to be followed.
University Dogs has not had major conflict seeing as they are so young. There are not many set policies as to what will be done if certain conflict arises. They do however have an open door policy. The open door policy is a way for employees to feel free to ask the management about any issues or questions that they have. It literally means that a manager, CEO, president or supervisor will leave their office door "open" to boost communication with their subordinates. The employees are encouraged come in whenever they feel the need. This is to boost morale, by allowing the employees the ability to speak openly and freely s without risk of repercussions. It promotes face to face interaction rather than e-mail or voice mail.
Felt conflict is characterized by planning how to manage the conflict. Because of the lack of policies in action MU Communication Fanatics came up with situations that University Dogs should evaluate, dealing with four major types of conflict that can occur. One is when the characterization of responsibility is unclear to employees. When it is indistinct who holds certain responsibilities in certain tasks
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