University Education Should Be Free For Students With 3.0 Grade Point Average Or Higher

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There are many students that are struggling to pay for a university education and lately a university education is getting more and more expensive each year. There are many students who graduate high school but don’t receive a university education because they can’t afford one. Most of those students are really smart and can go somewhere in life, but they end up working for a minimum wage because a university education is just too much for them. For that reason, a university education should be free for all students who graduate high with a 3.0 grade point average or higher. If a student has less than a 3.0 grade point average than they shouldn’t even qualify to apply for a university education, because if you can’t get a simple 3.0 grade point average in college what makes you think they can succeed at the university level. There are many reasons a university education should be free for students with 3.0 grade point average or higher. The first reason is that most students who have to pay for there university education usually take out loans and start working part-time so they make enough money to pay for there university education. This tends to discourage them from succeeding and passing at the university level. The second reason is that if smarter students receive a free education, it will decrease the amount of university dropouts. The third reason is there would be tons of job competitions for certain job positions if a university education is free. The forth and…
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