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One thing I observed when scrolling through the results of the university slang search is that either I use the word or hear it regularly or I have never heard it before. Examples of these include brewski, beer pong, techie, and frat. The results seemed to be on complete opposite sides of the spectrum with no overlap. Terms that took me a little longer to understand include “communize,” or to combine commons, so as to form a joint meal and “muckerism,” or rowdy, coarse or unsophisticated behavior or attitudes. Another observation I made is that several words were variations of the same concept. One example is skive, or to leave the college campus without permission at the University of Notre Dame, according to the college slang definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. Variations of this include skiver and skiving, which can include the act or those performing the act of shirking off school, work, or other duties. Creativity plays a large part of what I want to be doing with my journalism degree and I love puns and clever portmanteaus, one of my favorite categories in Jeopardy. However, there is a difference between an inventive blend and an awkward fusion. The combination of similar sounds or rhyme created a clever concept. Examples of this include alcoholiday,…show more content…
Rowling for my advanced search. Her name immediately came to mind for this search because of how much she has contributed to pop culture. From books to movies to theme parks, I thought that she would have a lot of impact on language. However, my search only came up with one result. The word “muggle,” meaning a person, who possesses no magical powers, was the sole result. Especially when using the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought that I would have a better outcome. After clicking around, I came up with more of Rowling’s contributions in the quotation section. Words such as "earwiggy" and "deathly" stood out. Although Rowling did not create these words, she did reintroduce
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