University Of Arizona And Grand Canyon University

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The high school senior year is indeed a rough year. Students are overwhelmed with stress applying for colleges, having their fingers crossed to be accepted in their first choice college. The primary step before applying for colleges is selecting which college best suits them in pursuing their dream career. Sometimes, more than half of the students dream of being in the medical field, satisfying that there’s still people in the world that want to help out others, and what’s better than helping them with their health. The hardest part of graduating includes that some learners are afraid of leaving their family and hometown, Arizona. It’s great that there are universities that can help undergraduates out in reaching their dream career.…show more content…
Learning the value of independence is crucial at a young age. It is easier for a young person to correct their behaviors and to make better choices. In addition, each university in known for its popularity. Of course, Grand Canyon University is known for their great buildings, they are also known for expanding each day. It is also recognized because it is a private Christian heritage university. Many students choose to apply to this university because it mainly focuses on students’ education. From time to time there are concerts and celebrations, but they are all alcohol free. Meanwhile, University of Arizona is a college full of parties. That is not the only thing that it is known for, it is also recognized for its history from the 1970s; although it was founded in 1885 “University of Arizona is a public institution that was founded in 1885” (Best Colleges U.S. News Rankings). The University of Arizona has a public library that students who are not enrolled in the university can come in certain hours and use computers and check-out books. The University of Arizona has hosted many community events that are open to the public. A university can be mainly known for their interactions that they create with the community. Additionally, students feel concerned regarding if they will be able to pay their college tuition over the
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