University Of California Riverside's Tartan Soul Analysis

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The University of California Riverside uses the model of “Tartan Soul” to keep the community of students, as well as faculty member in a respectable environment. Tartan Soul comprises the elements of integrity, accountability, excellence, and respect. These values also have their correspondent colors within the symbolic UCR tartan. My reflection upon Tartan Soul is that the four elements are the key to success. The University of California Riverside comprised a brilliant strategy to allow college students to strive during their college experience, as well as learn from the mistakes they have made.
Integrity is being faithful towards your work. Someone must own up to the workload that college has upon every student within its campus and complete
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A student who conducts misconduct upon the campus must be held responsible and he or she should, in fact, own up to the mistakes they have made. This does not only apply to school, but to real life as well. If someone messes up, makes a huge mistake that could potentially ruin their desired careers, that person should do everything in his or her power to fix their wrong doings. Everyone on this Earth will always make mistakes. However, only those who recover from the mistakes and learn how to avoid the problem altogether, are the people who become successful in achieving their dreams. UCR’s Tartan Soul has shown me that everyone in this world has struggles. The students sitting right next to me have problems of their own. However, Tartan Soul proves that mistake happen, but the ones who take responsibility will be the ones that will become truly happy and truly succeed. Accountability allows students, faculty members, and even me, to learn the responsibility level that UCR has upon us as a whole. My own values are correspondent with Tartan Soul’s accountability because I know I will never learn from my mistakes if I do not take responsibility for my own

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