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University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is in the attempt of building a Thirty-Meter telescope on Mauna Kea. To Hawaiians Mauna Kea holds a high value of historical and sacred context and should not be disturbed. Although, the construction of the thirty-meter telescope (TMT) will result in being the most powerful telescope in the world, bringing the worlds best researchers to Hawaiʻi. The construction of TMT will also bring an estimated total of 10,000 job opportunities to Hawaiʻi (Deneen). The TMT poses a significant opportunity for astronomy on a worldwide platform; however, the cultural significance of Mauna Kea, the environmental impact of such a project (as TMT) and the lack of respect and management shown by the State of Hawaiʻi proved that Mauna Kea is not the appropriate site for this telescope.
In sacred records of the Hawaiian people it is said that the people are all decedents of Wākea “Sky Father” and Papahānaumoku “Goddess of Hawaiʻi” who gave birth to the islands. It is said that the intercourse between Wākea and Papahānaumoku produced the mountain child we know today as Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is both female and male Maunakea’s physical features of rock, soil, water and ice are female attributes; his elevation establishes his maleness, as it brings him closer to his father, Wākea. The equability of the male-female distribution establishes Mauna Kea as sacred and creates piko kapu, or sacred center, of the island (The Edith Kanakaʻole Foundation).
The second piko is

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