University Of Montana International Student Association

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While writing my profile essay on University of Montana International Student Association to discover the challenges, international students face when they moved away thousands of miles from their home country to study here at the University of Montana. Many face challenges from social (unfamiliar living circumstances), academic (learning style) to cultural (language, culture and personal barriers) issues. Some students adapt easily to life here in Missoula while others experience difficulties. I began to wonder if these problems faced by international students here at the University of Montana are the same compared to other international students attending other university throughout the United States (US). I started doing my research for…show more content…
They contribute to the diversity and internationalization of their classrooms, campuses and communities. In this essay we will be looking into the academic, social and cultural challenges international students face when they study here in the US. Follow by why students from different regions (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia etc.) adapt to US culture differently. Lastly I will look into why International students mostly associated with other international students instead of associating with American students.
In most college and university here in the US, your courses will most likely be graded in many ways such as in a test, class participation and writing papers. For students that are not used to these assessment such as writing a research paper and citing sources they will have difficult time undertaking these assessment. For example students like Vuk Bojovic from Serbia studying in Illinois wrote "When I first came here, I had a problem with research papers, as I have never wrote them in high school in Serbia, I was not familiar with the structure of a paper as well as academic resources and citations. It took me a whole term to work both on my own and with people in the Reading-Writing Center to get a good grade on a paper."(3).
While some students having a hard time writing research papers others struggle in class participation assessment. Many college professors in the US
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