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The reason that I wish to apply to Rutgers University School of social work is that I want to further my education. I have worked very hard during my undergraduate year at Rutgers University, and I am proud of my achievements. I understand that a bachelor 's degree is considered entry-level in the field of social work, and I would like to earn an MSW degree so that I can have a broader spectrum of career opportunities. I have worked as a social worker in the mentally ill population since achieving my undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, and currently I am working with geriatric population. If I am granted admission into the Rutgers school of social work, I will be overwhelmed with happiness, and I will work hard to achieve my…show more content…
Thanksgiving and Christmas). I had fun bringing Christmas and Thanksgiving to the seniors. The events were always open to family and friends, which provided a sense of unity and made the holidays more personal. The Melvin Cottrell Center for Senior Citizens and the disabled has heightened my compassion for the geriatric population. In addition, as a young women-starting college I knew I wanted a career that will allow me to help others and make a difference in lives that I touch. My professional experience involves Bartley Health care, which is an assisted living for the geriatric population as I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. My duties are providing direct social services to residents and their families. Assisting residents and families with receiving services in the facility and or community, conducting family care conferences, completing initial social services assessments, assisting residents that are experiencing personal and environmental difficulties, inviting residents and or/families to care plan meetings, coordinate discharge planning, and providing support to residents that are in need. Bartley is one of the best nursing home facilities and I enjoy working with my co-workers who have been like family to me. I enjoy working my residents and putting a smile on their face. The values that affected my decisions were my appreciation for humanity and my love for helping others in need. I always
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