University of Connecticut Information Security Policy According to the University of Connecticut,

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University of Connecticut Information Security Policy According to the University of Connecticut, they developed this information security manual to protect everything from the availability, data integrity, and the use of the University’s resources. Even though this policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff its primary purpose is towards the Data Stewards, who are people that are in charge of maintaining access to data and IT resources. Violation of this Security Policy may result in disciplinary action according to local, state, and federal laws, as well as university laws and by-laws. (Information Security Office, 2012) The University of Connecticut Information Security Policy covers ten policies and related procedures which…show more content…
Public data is data that is allowed to be viewed by everyone. 5. The confidential data part of the policy is written to set out guidelines on how to store, encrypt, and dispose of confidential data. 6. The risk management part of the policy is written to ensure that there is a correct procedure on how to maintain a risk assessment and when to. 7. Security awareness training is written into the universities policy to ensure that information security training is giving to anyone who needs to access confidential data. 8. Incident response is written as a policy to ensure correct handling of an incident such as lost or stolen technology resources and gives the appropriate procedures on what to do if an incident happens. 9. The business continuity & disaster recovery is written into the policy to ensure each department knows and has a plan in case of an unexpected event such as a fire, vandalism, and natural disaster that would disrupt normal business. This part of the plan also states that data administrators are the ones responsible to implement procedures for critical backup of data and how long the recovery time would be which is set by the data stewards and other stockholders. 10. Secure web application development policies were written to ensure that each department knows the procedures on what tests and qualifications need to be done in order to install new applications and/or computer systems before being activated. Rudolf Steiner
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