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UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI School of Computing and Informatics INDUSTRIAL-ATTACHMENT PLACEMENT AND EVALUATION GUIDELINES VERSION 1.0 Approved by 87TH SCI BOARD on 25th March 2013 March 2013 Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Definitions and Roles 1 2.1 Student Attachee: 1 2.2 Attachment Coordinator 2 2.3 Faculty Assessor 2 2.4 Industrial Supervisor 2 3 SCI Industrial Attachment Placement Policy 3 4 SCI Industrial Attachment Assessment Policy 6 5 Industrial Attachment Report Format 8 6 Assessment Forms 8 7 Sample Attachment Details Form, Industrial Supervisor’s Evaluation and Form Faculty Assessor’s Evaluation Form 9 8 Sample Log Book 13 Introduction The School of Computing & Informatics (formerly…show more content…
The faculty assessor will be required to visit the student at least once during the 8 week duration and evaluate and grade the student activities. The assessor will consult with the industrial supervisor and fill the necessary industrial attachment assessment tool and file it at the earliest with the attachment coordinator. Industrial Supervisor This is a technical or management member of the hosting organization who is responsible for the student learning process. The industrial supervisor must establish a program of activities that will have maximum impact to the learning experience. The supervisor must assign the student appropriate technical staff(s) who will guide and mentor the student. The industrial supervisor will liaise with the attachment coordinator or faculty supervisor on matters relating to the well-being of the student or the attachment activities. SCI Industrial Attachment Placement Policy The development of this placement policy is aimed at harmonizing the strategies used in placement of students to various organizations. a) Type of Organization and Activities A student can be placed for attachment in any duly registered organization with a physical location that is easily accessible, and has a vibrant ICT department or is offering computing solutions. Students will be expected to participate on a day to day basis in the organizations business, and
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