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This course applies corporate finance concepts to make management decisions. Students learn methods to evaluate financial alternatives and create financial plans. Other topics include cash flows, business valuation, working capital, capital budgets, and long-term financing. Policies

Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following two documents:

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Instructor policies: This document
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3.8 Identify sources and uses of short-term financing. 3.9 Evaluate how the business policies of a firm affect accounts receivable and inventories. | | | Readings | Read Ch. 22 & 23 of Corporate Financial Management. | | | Participation | Participate in class discussion. | Monday | 3 | Learning Team Lawrence Sports Simulation | Resource: The Lawrence Sports Simulation located at Create at least three alternative working capital policies that reduce future difficulties, and make a recommendation on which policy Lawrence Sports should follow. Your recommendation must include: An evaluation of the risk associated with the recommendationContingencies for the recommendationPerformance measures that are used to evaluate your recommendation An implementation plan for your recommendation Write a paper in no more than 1,750 words discussing your recommendation. Your paper must include a review of the cash conversion cycle for Lawrence Sports Simulation and its importance to their working capital management. Develop and explain your recommendation as fully as possible. Format your paper

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