Unix Comparison Matrix

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Components BSD System V GNU

Role of shell

Main access to the UNIX operating system and as such any improvement to it can result in considerably more effective use of the system, increased speed, efficiency and file properties. “C” Shell
This shell is good for interactive work and also added some features from other
Operating shells. The Korn shell became part of System V but had one major problem; unlike the rest of the UNIX shells it wasn't free, you had to pay AT&T for it. Bourne Shell
It has a very strong powerful syntactical language built into it, with all the features that are commonly considered to produce structured programs; it has particularly strong provisions for controlling input and output and in its expression
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Comments on performance As the hardware basis for such capabilities, an interactive graphics computer station--SaberStation for short--equips the application programmer with more than enough processing power for the job. Based on a National Semiconductor 32-bit chip set and running at 10 MHz under the BSD Unix operating system, the unit puts the performance of a VAX-like minicomputer on an engineer's desk. Its architecture, which employs a floating-point coprocessor and ultrafast, 32-bit-wide DMA channels, executes 1.2 million instructions a second.
Comments on programmability Programs in this system can often, even typically, be written in a single line of code. Inexperienced users can be taught to write simple programs in a matter of minutes. Beginners often produce simple programs without effort within their first day using it.
The elements of the Unix environment have been called software tools. A software tool is very much like a component, but a bit different. Throughout this piece, we'll refer to components as "tools," but remember that you can almost always substitute "component" for "tool." In Unix, the standard shell utilities are all tools. So is the shell. A tool takes a standard data format -- lines of textual input -- and produces output in the same format. No special code is needed to handle data types; everyone agrees on a simple format and does a small amount of translation.
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