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UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Critique
University of Phoenix

The following sections in this paper focus on analyzing operating systems for Riordan Manufacturing Inc. that specializes in plastic molding and design. Team B concentrated on five main areas of UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server. The five areas include Security, Administration, Networking, Performance, and Programmability. The team explains the existing systems, followed by comparing advantages and disadvantages of each operating system. The comparisons provide insight for Riordan’s IT specialist and administration considering which system to implement. Interesting topics that relate to security weaknesses, and advantages that UNIX®
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Not only that, but users can even fix problems themselves. Microsoft may tout its large team of paid developers, but it 's unlikely that team can compare with a global base of Linux user-developers around the globe. Security can only benefit through all those extra ‘eyeballs’" (Why Linux is More Secure Than Windows, para. 13).

Riordan Manufacturing Corporation, (Apollo Group, 2004), is a hybrid computing environment employing MS Windows, (Microsoft Corporation, 2011), e-mail and file servers along-side UNIX Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) and a HP-UX, (Hewlett Packard Development Company, 2011), UNIX Manufacturing Resource Program (MRP). Effective administrative support of both operating systems requires two information technology groups, one specializing in MS Windows platforms and one specializing in UNIX platforms. Requiring two IT groups and two unique server platforms doubles the administrative management and equipment costs in the enterprise. Standardizing server hardware and software to one type will significantly reduce costs and increase Riordan Manufacturing’s return on its investment. One server operating system platform can support all of the workstation’s applications with the exception of MS Windows Exchange, (Microsoft Corporation, 2011), e-mail application.
To reduce personnel costs it is recommend merging the two server platforms (operating systems) to one where it is possible. HP-UX,
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