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UNIX, Linux, and Windows Servers Security When comparing Linux/Unix versus Windows platforms for security it is important to take into account the security issues being addressed. The most common types of security breaches in today’s business world are based on social engineering attacks. These attacks are focused on bypassing security measures by tricking users into accomplishing the tasks required by the malicious code. These attacks can introduce numerous types of malicious code into the network ranging from spyware up to and including viruses. When comparing Windows versus Linux/Unix it is important to realize that more security features may be available depending on the exact operating system. This comparison is not to compare…show more content…
A fundamental aspect of managing any computer system, UNIX or otherwise, is the backup of user and system data for possible retrieval purposes in the case of system failure, data corruption, etc. Users, both teacher, student, or counselor, expect and depend on the admin to recover files that have been accidentally erased, or lost due to hardware problems. Backup devices may be locally connected to a system or remotely accessible across a network. Typical backup media types include: • 1/4" cartridge tape, 8mm cartridge tape (used infrequently today) • DAT (very common) • DLT (where lots of data must be archived) • Floptical, ZIP, JAZ, SyQuest (common for user-level backups) Backup tapes, disks and other media should be well looked after in a secure location within the university, primarily at a main office as a whole (ie. Arizona). Software tools for archiving data include low-level format-independent tools, file and directory oriented tools such as tar, filesystem-oriented tools, standard UNIX utilities, and high-level tools (normally commercial packages) such as IRIS NetWorker. The most commonly used program is tar, which allows one to gather together a number of files and directories into a single 'tar archive' file. Tar files can also be compressed and some of the university’s backup devices have built-in hardware compression abilities. Note that files such as MPEG movies and JPEG images are already in a compressed format

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