Unjustified Decisions In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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While reading the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, there were many unjustified things happening to various people in the book. Of Mice and Men is about two friends named George and Lennie. George is struggling to take care of Lennie because of his feeble-mindedness, his inability to make good decisions, and his uncontrollable strength. Later on near the end of the story, Lennie was just with his dog that he just accidentally killed with his strength when Curley’s Wife (the “boss’s” wife that always causes mischief) shows up and starts a conversation with Lennie. Curley’s Wife later insists that Lennie could touch the “soft spot” in her hair. While Lennie was petting her hair, she tells him to stop, but he wouldn't because he is addicted to petting and stroking soft things, so she started screaming and Lennie got scared covered her mouth and accidentally killed her by cracking her neck. After killing her, Slim (The respected farmhand that help George make his decisions) , Candy (A crippled farmhand that gave hopes to George and Lennie that they could actually buy their own land), Carlson (A farmhand), Curley (The boss that caused problems for George and Lennie), and George (Lennie’s best friend) find out and they go out to shoot Lennie. George finds Lennie and he comforts him before shooting him in the head which leads to Lennie’s death. George preferred that he shoot Lennie because they were best friends and he would regret it if someone else shot him. Whether he
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