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Jenny’s All Natural Ice Cream Shop Jennifer Kremer ACT305 – Principles of Managerial Accounting Colorado State University – Global Campus Instructor Edward Balli February 1, 2015 Jenny’s All Natural Ice Cream Shop The problem with ice cream products today is unhappy, milked to death cows. In 1946, a cow was grass fed, had milk output of 2 gallons of milk per day, and lived an average of 15 years. Modern cows are grain fed, produce 8 gallons of milk per day, and live an average of 18 months. All flavor and rich texture of real ice cream is lost in modern cow milk production. The history of milk production has led up to this poor excuse for ice cream. Ice cream is the quintessential cold treat that keeps the world going…show more content…
Chart 7: Break-Even Analysis. (Girvin, 2010; see also Graulich, 2013). Graph 2: Target Sales for $5000 Profit (Scatter Chart) Chart 8: Target Sales for $5000 Profit. (Girvin, 2010; see also Graulich, 2013). Industry Trends In the constantly shifting world of frozen treats, ice cream has followed several trends. The new health conscious American is often looking for ways to beat caloric intake, while still serving an unwavering need to divulge in a vice. Frozen yoghurt, sherbet, sorbet, or low and fat free ice cream have become the avenue for many of the American population’s need to indulge while keeping calorie levels low. To account for the lowered fat and sugar content, ice cream manufacturers pack these low calorie ice cream choices full of preservatives and chemical additives. (Hottinger, n.d.). Some health conscious consumers are taking a different approach to cold treats. In an effort to remove dietary choices containing unhealthy additives, many consumers are trending towards high fat, grass fed, milk-based sweets, such as organic supreme grade ice cream. The
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