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Unknown Value I ran to my mother’s room full of guilt and panic. I thought I was going to be in so much trouble. I feared that I was a criminal for possessing a four thousand dollar engagement ring. I did not even know it was worth so much. I was scared for my life, and I needed my mother’s help.
When I was about nine years old, my older sister and I went to her friend’s barbeque/slip-n-slide party. There were about twenty people there, and most of them were teenagers. Everyone was having a chill and relaxed time. We all played slip-n-slide kickball, and everyone fell on their butts most of the time. We had hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, and soft drinks. Everyone became full of food, faster than a lion pouncing on its lunch. About four
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My sister put the phone on speaker, so her friend could talk to both of us. By that time, I had already forgotten about the ring. Her friend was telling us that her married sister had lost her four thousand dollar engagement ring. She asked us if we knew anything about it, or even saw it at her house. At this moment, all of my insides took a 180 degree turn. I was terrified that I would be in so much trouble, for not saying anything about the ring when I found it. Everything went blank, and being my nine-year-old self, I started freaking out mentally. I decided to lie about it, and tell my sister’s friend that I did not know anything about the ring. I ran upstairs to my mother’s room. I told my mother how I found the ring, and how I did not tell anyone about it. I also had to tell her that I lied to my sister’s friend. My mother told me to do the right thing. My task was to give the ring to its owner, and also give them an apology for keeping quiet about it.
The next day, my sister and I went to the lady’s house, and I gave her the ring. I apologised for not telling anyone that I had found the ring. She was not upset, but she was very happy to have the engagement ring back. I learned a valuable lesson from this occurrence. I learned that if I ever find something, I should tell someone I trust about it or just leave it alone. I would have been very upset
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