“Unless And Until Our Society Recognizes Cyber Bullying

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“Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.” Anna Marie Chavez said. The only way cyber bullying is going to be prevented is if people realize the negative impact it is leaving on teens today. Cyber bullying is sadly so widespread throughout the United States that it is not a shock to someone when you hear that somebody is getting bullied over social media. In the 1990’s chat rooms online became big, and that is where the attacks were starting to begin. Bullies would move into those private chat rooms to harass a victim and make them feel like they are alone, and do not have anyone to defend them. In the 2000’s teens were starting to get cellphones…show more content…
This has not only happened with her, but there have been several cases of where someone has been bullied over social media and then found to have depression and feeling worthless. High schoolers being bullied over social media will often feel they are not good enough. The way social media bullying can be prevented is providing supervision over what teens are doing on the technology they are given, educating parents to teach their kids how to use the internet correctly, and thirdly showing teens the effect it can have others. My first solution is having an adult monitoring what teens are doing on social media. Sometime teens lose sight of the fact that having internet and social media accounts is a privilege and can be taken away from you at any time. If parents put a limit on using social media, and make their children share their usernames and passwords with them, the adults can go in and see who is being harassed and who is innocent and have nothing to do with cyber bullying. Knowing the websites your teens are going to and asking them multiple questions is a good way of monitoring what they are doing. Another idea would be letting your teens know that you are able to get into their accounts with a click of a button, and that they should not be doing anything that they would not want their parent to see. If you know their friend’s

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