Unlike Any Other Nation In The World, America’S People

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Unlike any other nation in the world, America’s people stem from almost every corner of the Earth, forming a unique mix of cultures to create a unique identity. This identity represents the assimilation of the various cultural values, and how these values shaped American history. Different events throughout America’s timeline have altered the identity of our nation, dispersing and uniting the country throughout history. Even though my ancestors arrived in America at various points, ranging from before the Alamo to the turn of the 20th century, they witnessed similar, dynamic events in American history through a different lens, due to their various locations and backgrounds. Focusing on my mother’s (Dana Kubiszyn) side of the family, her…show more content…
Even through the wake of anti-Catholic sentiments which persisted due to large-scale immigration, my family always clung to this crucifix as a representation of upholding faith in difficult times. Once both of his grandparents settled in Buffalo, they placed themselves in a mainly Italian community. Like many immigrants during this time, they found that this connection helped continue the values integral to their Italian culture. This community also gave them a support system in a time when many Americans, who saw themselves as natives for their earlier arrival, treated new immigrants as outcasts. His grandparents lived on a subsistence basis, but saw the opportunities in America as greater than those back home. Once his grandparents gave birth to his mother (Angeline Bellissimo), they passed on their strong, Catholic faith, represented by the crucifix, to her. Whenever he talked about his mother, my grandfather always stated how she put faith over every aspect of her life, reminding his siblings and him that faith would help them through difficult times. At the young age of 19, his mother married his father, John Henry Kubiszyn, whose parents immigrated from Poland. He also came from a Catholic family, one that experienced negativity not only for their faith, but for their Polish origin. Even as late as the 1970’s and 80’s, my mom remembers people

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