Unlocking Sim On Android Phone

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Android SIM Unlock: How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone
This article gives information on how to unlock SIM on Android Phone Using doctorSIM. It also gives solutions on how to troubleshoot the unlocking problems as well as the steps to check if your phone is locked or not.

I Want to Unlock my Android Phone, what do I Need?
Unlocking an Android phone is very easy, and it takes a few steps. For you to be able to unlock your phone, you will need the unlocked phone, an unlocking service such as doctorSIM. You will also need some money to cater for the unlocking charges and a payment method such as PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. More so you will need an email address which will be used to receive your unlocking code. You will also need to know the type of phone that you are using and its IMEI number. You may also need to do some APN settings.

How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone using doctorSIM
DoctorSIM is an online phone unlocking service that helps unlock your phone in three simple steps. It requires users to fill a request form and the unlocking instructions are sent via email.
The following steps are essential in unlocking your Android device using doctorSIM

Step 1: Select your network provider
After going to the doctorSIM website, you need to select the country and the network provider in which the phone is locked. If you are not sure about the country or the network provider your phone is locked to, there is a link where you can click for help.

Step 2: Enter your…
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