Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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There are many people in this universe that wonder if the United States using drones is a good idea, what many do not know is that well drones are really called UAVs or more commonly said unmanned aerial vehicles. There are many types of drones, but another well-known drone is called UCAVs, unmanned combat aerial vehicles (Matthews). The UCAVs are used for the military to spy on the activities of other countries. The Washington Post says “These UAVs are just planes that operate through controlled on land or control stations. MQ-1 Predator, most famous UCAV, first seen in 1955. The effects of drones may be costly but it may also save many lives, while in combat or on the battle field.” With those types of equipment while we are fighting, not much would happen. That would be because those drones would be in the sky protecting those who serve us and fight strongly and bravely for the world. It may also prevent terrorism acts towards the United States. If we continue to have drones, less soldiers would have to go to war, and those who are disabled, may have a way of getting to their destination. Before some of the first piloted aircrafts, drones were used as a way of to keep an eye on other countries, during wars and to spy. During 1910, the United States tried a test flight with the first UAV, as this test was so unstable, it gave the United States a reason for combat. About 10 years after the war, drones had a shard decline, when they were able use UAVs as a combat training

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