Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( Uav )

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The use of drones in the United States has long been a controversial subject. While the military benefits greatly from the use of drones, citizens are concerned with the morality of the use of such machines. The truth is that there are many benefits and harms that drones conduct in national security initiatives. It is hard to say that the country would be able to live without such technologies and drones are required to continue to advance in order to compete with future threats. Regardless, it is clear that opinions over the matter are divided over the use of drones in America. There are many benefits to using drones in warfare. First, fewer soldiers need to risk their lives on the battlefield, reducing the amount of soldiers needed to fight. As a result, fewer resources need to be used to provide for soldiers. It saves the nation money in that regard. The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are advanced and are able to kill more accurately and efficiently. These aid in searching and locating for individual targets, such as those that are part of terrorist groups. The different types of drones include ones that are able to spy in other countries which give the United States the upper hand in case of war. Drones also cause harmful effects. By creating this advanced technology, it encourages killing and warfare. While it is advanced, it still has limited abilities, with two abilities being to kill or to monitor. Because of how air force members are no longer in the in the UAV,
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