Essay on Unmanned Aircraft and its uses in Civilian Applications

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Technology is rapidly advancing providing humans with easier and more efficient ways of completing tasks. One form of technology that is primarily being used by the military is an unmanned aircraft (UAV). UAV technology can play an important role in benefiting the civilian world. This technology will make many tasks currently performed by humans more capable and extensive. What is an Unmanned Aircraft (UAV)? An unmanned aircraft is a plane that is flown without the use of a crew or pilot. Instead, the unmanned aircraft is piloted by hardware, software, and a person or people from the ground. The technical definition of “an 'unmanned aerial vehicle' is a powered aircraft that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to…show more content…
Eddy used this technology for wartime surveillance (Krock). This pre aviation technology laid the groundwork for the first unmanned aerial vehicle which was the Curtiss/Sperry Aerial Tornado. Developed for military purposes during World War I, the Aerial Tornado successfully completed its first flight on March 6, 1918 in New York but never saw combat. The Sperry Aerial Tornado flew 50 miles while carrying a 300 pound bomb. The second UAV, developed later on in October of 1918, was the Kettering Aerial Torpedo. The Kettering Aerial Torpedo, also known as the Kettering Bug, was developed by Charles F. Kettering of General Motors. The Aerial Torpedo was designed “to take off from a wheeled trolley and then detach its wings, allowing its fuselage to dive vertically towards a pre-programmed target” (Krock). Restrictions UAVs of today have become much more technologically advanced. They are more accurate, able to multitask, carry cargo, drop bombs on enemies or supplies to troops, and much more. UAVs are already being marketed and used by several non military companies. The only obstacles UAV technology faces today “are in the arias of legislation, regulations, certification and air traffic management” (Koldaev). According to Civilian UAVs: No Pilot, No Problem writing by Jeff Wise, the restrictions on UAV flight are tightly regulated in the United States. Wise states
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