Unmanned Drones Vs. Drone Production

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Unmanned Drones
1. One of the main global issues raised in this article revolves around state security. The author of this article tries to paint a picture that the state actors are participating in the security dilemma in which other countries feel the need to catch up to U.S. drone production levels in order to stay relative to an apparent global arms race. At the same time, the author points out that the use of drones seems to be more widely accepted because it does not use military personnel to operate. If left unchecked, it could lead to an unintentional acceleration in violence, simply because the use of drones is viewed as more responsible. The push to use unmanned drones is driving other countries to spend large amounts of money on drone technologies. The article states that China is pumping so much money into drone production that it could equal that of the United States in as early as 2020. Other countries are escalating their drone production as well. A new type of limited engagement warfare may one day be a real possibility. A war fought with a needle instead of a hammer.

2. The article states that public opinion is, as a majority, in favor of the use of unmanned drones. The authors’ argue that the states are displaying a realist perspective and offer a constructive or liberal argument as a solution. They believe that the use of drones will lead to a higher production of drones by other nations and may cause more potential for conflict. The article gives an…
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