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INDEX 1. INTRODUCTION 2. EMBEDDED SYSTEM 2.1 Definitions 2. Examples Of Embedded Systems 3. Microprocessor and Microcontroller 4. Microprocessor verses Microcontroller 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM 3.1.1 Block Diagram Description 3.1.2 555 Timers 3.1.3 Infrared Sensor 3.1.4 Microcontroller (89S52) 3.1.5 Power Supply 4. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 4.1.1 555 Timers 4.1.2 Infrared Emitted Diode(TSAL 6200) 4.1.3 IR Receiver(TSOP) 4. DTMF generator 5. COMPONENTS & THEIR 5.1.1Microcontroller 5.1.2 Description Of 8952 Microcontroller 5.1.3 Features Of Microcontroller 5.1.4 Block Diagram Of Microcontroller 5.1.5 Pin Configurations 5.1.6…show more content…
The project is simple to implement and subject to further improvement. [pic] [pic] 2 EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: 2.1 DEFINITIONS: Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software, it is also named as “Firm ware”. An embedded system is a special purpose computer system, which is completely encapsulated by the device it controls. It is a computer-controlled system. An embedded system is a specialized system that is a part of a larger system or machine. As a part of a larger system it largely determines its functionality. Embedded systems are electronic devices that incorporate microprocessors with in their implementations. The main purpose of the microprocessors are simplify the system design and improve flexibility. In the embedded systems, the software is often stored in a read only memory (RAM) chip. Embedded systems provide several major functions including monitoring of the analog environment by reading data from sensors and controlling actuators. 2.2 EXAMPLES OF EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: Embedded systems are found in wide range of application areas. Originally they were used only for expensive industrial control applications, but as technology brought down the cost of dedicated processors, they began to appear in moderately expensive applications such as automobiles, communication and office equipments and television Today's embedded systems are so inexpensive that they
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