Unnatural Causes : Is Inequality Making Us Sick

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Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making us Sick, clearly explored the relationship between socioeconomic status and health, it was said that college graduates live 2.5 years longer than high school graduates” (California Newsreel, 2008). This documentary illustrated how one’s level of education not only impacts their quality of life, but also impacts the duration of one’s life.
This video was very surprising, instructive, informative, depressing and occasionally infuriating. I have always known that there were a lot of factors that influence ones health, but I had never really expected it to be this disturbing reality. The video presents a lot of surprising information with any luck individuals will ask themselves serious questions like I did. Optimistically, after seen the video people can account to the things that need to be addressed in order to eliminate this factors and not be eager to judge a set of group of individuals.
It was very astonishing to see in the video of Unnatural Causes it resonated to that inequality and racism are not just abstract concepts but in actuality it hospitalized and cause infant mortality even more than cigarettes. According to the video inequality, racism, poverty, and economic deprivation are adversely affecting the health of African Americans. Our nation has a choice: We can address the racial and economic equalities that lead us down the path to this disease now. Or we can pay to repair the bodies later. Unnatural Causes explores a
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