Unnatural Causes

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Unnatural Causes Control of destiny as defined by Leonard Syme refers to various factors that play a critical role in determining the life as well as the health of individuals. They influence the life of an individual in a great way (Castillo, David 2). For instance, individual income as stated by Syme influences the health of an individual. The documentary serves as good evidence to indicate that the relationship between individual health risks and some incomes they can generate is inversely proportional. It means therefore that individual with a high income have a decreased health risks compared to the life of individuals with low risk. The fact that wealth plays an important role in determining individual health risks is well explained in the documentary. Professor Syme illustrates that these trends are common in the United States as well as other developed countries where the gap between the rich and the poor is extremely high. The risks of developing chronic illness as well as cancer follow the same trend. Heart complications also follow the same pattern with the rich having a few probability of developing the heart complication compared to the poor. The United States as stated by Professor Syme is the country where most citizens aren’t able to access quality medical as well as general healthcare in addition to mental health care services. This is because the gap between the Have and The Have Not is extremely high. The unemployed who are the low-income earners in some
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