Unnaturalness of Natural Selection in Origin of the Species by Charles Darwing

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Do you remember the accusatory advertisement from the 80’s, of Smokey Bear who insisted that only YOU could prevent forest fires? Maybe there was more to this than just the obvious. I mean definitely, ensure you put out your fires when camping, and don’t throw a lit cigarette around dry grass, but what if instead of forest fires, Smokey mentioned global warming, mass extinction, or war and poverty? Can you imagine that maybe that could be an accurate statement? Obviously, one person isn’t capable of changing these on such a grand scale, but if YOU actually said humans, then we have the statement “Only humans can prevent their own destruction” and suddenly there is a deluge of questions and ideas that might cause you to imagine about how…show more content…
Rising temperatures are causing melting glaciers, which cause rising oceans. Rising oceans will envelop entire coastal cities, killing or displacing millions of people. Our food sources will dwindle; entire species of animals will become extinct as we destroy their homes to rebuild; and as our population skyrockets, an unimaginable number of humans will be left homeless, starving, and sick.

In the United States, media is restricted, hiding the realities of war, environment and health. Most Americans can recall the winner of the latest Academy Award, but have no idea about the fees that Oklahoma has placed on those who choose to use solar power. Fascination with pop stars and their private lives far outweigh the desire to understand how GMO’s could be harmful, and how generations of farmers are being forced to stop growing or pay ridiculous fees to Monsanto.

Today, people are shrouded in ignorance. Worse, plenty are aware of their ignorance, but are unwilling or scared to stand up and demand change, preferring to plod through their lives, feeling safe in their repetitive schedules and choosing blindness of reality. We are quickly losing our grip on the possibilities of saving the future, leaving our children and future generations a mess, so incomprehensible; they may not be capable of cleaning it up. We could be of the last generation to live life as

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