Unobserved Future

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Although wireless power has been around for over a century, the general public’s understanding of this technology is extremely limited. Some see it as nothing more than some futuristic goal that coincides with a world that has flying cars and sidewalks that move similar to escalators. Since this technology is not well understood, the general public’s perception is that the wireless transfer of electricity could possibly possess hazardous implications to public health. This perception has often been shaped by rumors, news articles, books, and the media. Any company who looks to deploy this technology in the future will likely have to spend large sums of money to address these concerns, as has been done in the past by electrical manufacturer’s to address concerns of childhood leukemia being caused by electrical lines and when cell phones were thought to contribute to brain cancer. What is unknown at the moment is how strong this concern will be in the future and how successful this concern will be in influencing the development of wireless power transmission.…show more content…
This counter culture has sparked a cottage industry that routinely writes and publicize negative stories about these types of electrical areas, mainly emphasizing negative affects to human health and environmental impacts. In Europe, they have dubbed this concern as “electrophobia”. The mainstream media will often sensationalize stories from these cottage industry authors when attempting to find a counter view for story or deliver a story with sensationalistic value. The media has its own economic reasons for doing this as their financial lively hood is driven by ratings and as has been proven time and again sensationalism
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