Unobtrusive Methods in Research of Groups

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As part of the simple observation method, the researchers of the study will maintain a journal providing all detailed observations during fieldwork or data collection (observation). At the end of data collection, it is expected that the primary research materials that will be used for the analysis are field notes and observations. That is, the primary research material would be written records of observations of sorority members interacting in group settings in class, parties, and other recreational activities.
For the data analysis section of the study, the development of typologies will be utilized, in addition to diagram and matrix development. In developing typologies, the researchers will undergo through three phases of analysis steps: (a) encoding and coding of field notes and observations; (b) development of typologies by identifying themes, patterns, and other groups of data; and (c) diagram and matrix development for further analyses of themes and patterns identified. In the implementation of these three phases in data analysis, it is recommended to use qualitative data analysis software such as Nvivo, which…
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