Unorganised Labour in India

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What is unorganized labour?
Labour is divided into two parts: Organised and Un-organised labour. In India, 93% of the labour sector lies in the unorganized sector with most of the farm sector falling under the informal category, while only one-fifth of the non-farm workers are found in the organized sector. Subsistence farmers, dairy workers and those working in the traditional manufacturing such as handlooms are grouped under unorganized sector.
The term Unorganised labour has been defined as those workers who have not been able to organize themselves to pursuit their common interests due to constraints like casual nature of employment, ignorance and illiteracy.

Trends in Employment in Organised and
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It is important to provide security for food in normal times and especially in times of difficulty. The Public Distribution System (PDS) was implemented in the States to protect the real purchasing power of the poorer sections by providing them an uninterrupted supply of food grains at prices far below the market price.
Nutritional Security – The weaker sections of the community and the unorganised workers are not conscious about their nutrient intake. Lack of nutrients leads to poor growth, poor health and sickness, poor performance and shorter life. There are certain initiatives by the states, local bodies and NGO’s to create awareness on health and nutrition and to ensure adequate nutrient intake for the targeted groups, particularly to children and women.
Health Security – It can be described as ensuring low exposure to risk and providing access to health care services along with the ability to pay for medical care and medicine. Such health security should be made available to all citizens. The poor do not treat for common illness and sometimes to major diseases that are unidentified by them causing higher level of untreated morbidity. The cost and burden of treatments are ever increasing and leading to difficulty for the poor and weaker sections of the community.
Housing Security – Housing is one of the basic needs of ever individual and family. The housing needs of the unorganised workers and the poor are ever increasing in the context

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