Unplanned Event and Events at the Margin

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Introduction This essay is written by an author that agrees that unplanned event and events at the margin should be concern. The essay will begin with the author’s point of views in regards toward unplanned events and events at the margin with possible outcomes using examples. Subsequently some examples of planned events will be also illustrated by the author to compare between planned and unplanned events. At the end of this essay, the author also provide some recommendation to solve the issue with unplanned events and events at the margin if they happen. In event studies, events is defined as an occurrence that only happened at a specific time and location due to a certain circumstances. These can be classified into three types of…show more content…
(n.d.). The local police was called in to resolve the situation that over roughly 400 people have participate in Gov.sg : Factually. (n.d.). Many police and locals and the rioters are injured due to this unplanned event that was sparked off because of a misunderstanding. It also causes public property to be damaged by the rioters and many of the participant that was involve in were also charged by the Singapore law. This is the reason that unplanned events are very much concerned in event studies. Events at the margin The definition of events at the margin that the author give is an occurrence that is partially planned and the outcome might be different what from what they intended. The reason why they are concerned with event studies is because the organiser have their own personal beliefs and is often stand in opposition to the conventional social, political and economic principles of the society. The generic form of this events appears to be “flash mob”. It is normally refer to a large group of people performing in a predetermined location before dispersing quickly Flash mob - Word Spy. (n.d.). These recently emerged social phenomena do have a purpose and stay for a short duration of time but do not have any programme just activity for others to see.

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