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It is deeply gratifying to me as a professional educator to obtain and subsequently to convey credible information to patients, their families, and other nurses who depend on my expertise in diabetes management. My goal is to keep on expanding the knowledge, and that depends on the sources from which I retrieve my materials. There are countless websites but are they trustworthy? With this in mind, to evaluate our references it is important to ask a few examining questions. First, who is the identified provider of the website, are they likely individuals who may be reached via email, phone or letter? Therefore, the easiest way to accomplish that is by checking the " About Us " site's page. Secondly, does the site present unrealistic claims using unidentified adds which serve the site sponsor's agenda? The next and third question addresses if the site's information is current, who reviews it and are they updating material regularly. Another inquiry which helps in determining if a…show more content…
For this reason, the scholarly databases are available only through a library which deals specifically with published information identified by reliable sources. Subsequently, articles, journals or books are organized and indexed with the extensive search ability including author, title or subject. Important to realize the fact that sites ".gov" and ".edu" may be trusted if the publisher is the educational institution (Finding and Evaluating Online Resources,2014). In conclusion, the above analysis has unequivocally persuaded me only to draw information from a scholarly source, and ultimately it provided a certainty that information I would share with others has a credible origin. Nothing is more important to me that be a truthful, precise and trustworthy educator which establishes a respectful relationship with the ones who count on my expertise and that is
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