Unrealistic Love Essay

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We all wish to have that magical moment a moment that just leaves you in awe and feelings that are indescribable. A couple of seconds that your heart just beats faster and faster and there’s no stopping the excitement, the happiness, the butterflies. Sounds like it was just taken out of a love song, right? Truth of the matter is that love songs influence young culture on how love should feel and create this stereotype that love is nothing but a moment filled with passion and desires. But reality is that’s not always the case and these songs set up unrealistic measures such as, a passionate moment or falling in love solely on physical attraction; and if you don’t achieve that moment or are not attracted in that instant then you’re not in…show more content…
These three songs are very popular in pop culture and country, primarily aimed at girls in their teens and young adults. The purpose of this paper is to prove that these songs in the music industry mold the point of view that teen’s have regarding love.
Summary: Today was a fairytale “Today was a fairytale”, is a 4:01 song written by Taylor Swift, and produced by Nathan Chapman used in the soundtrack for major motion picture Valentine’s Day. The song describes exactly the title, a young girl who felt like a princess when she went out with her prince charming on a magical date. The song describes a scenario in where she wore a pretty dress and he wore a dark grey t-shirt. She knew she loved him just by a simple glare, the way he kissed her, how he made her heart beat faster and cause time to slow down due to his presence.
The song basically describes the “perfect date” and all these emotions that are “supposed” to be felt to indicate that you love the person. The artist adds classical elements and modern-day elements to her song making it more relatable to teens and also causing them to remember memories of when they were kids watching “Snow White” and wishing one day they will be that princess. The artist keeps repeating that this
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